I have been a keynote speaker at numerous conferences and have lectured in more than one hundred American universities and in other countries including Brazil, the UK, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Hungary, Mexico and Austria (upcoming in September, 2017). You may watch videos of some of my speeches here. Others are available on line in written form.

I have also taught briefly at the University of Washington, The Evergreen State College, the Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts and Schumacher College in the UK.

John is one of the most engaging speakers I have ever heard. The student feedback from John’s presentations includes things like ‘fascinating,’ ‘inspiring,’ ‘motivating,’ and ‘thought-provoking.’ His ability to share not only a vision, but facts and figures from a range of topics is truly amazing. John can speak about many pressing issues and movements in today’s culture. He is truly a renaissance man!
— Lynn Anderson, Professor of Recreation, State University of NY at Cortland
I honestly can’t say enough about what John de Graaf brings to our campus when he speaks to our students. While we have shown and discussed his thought-provoking films and articles over the years, it is John himself who lends an irreplaceable voice and truly dizzying depth of knowledge to the material. After his last discussion with my class, the students were asking if we could have an overnight retreat with John! He has a delightful way of weaving stories with statistics, and leaves our students buzzing with conversation. Perhaps the most important thing is that he plants the seeds of thought that endure in the student’s lives beyond the walls of the classroom.
— Dr. Randy Burtz, Department of Health and Human Development, Western Washington University