I’m the co-author or editor of four books, including the international best-seller Affluenza, with over 160,000 copies sold in nine languages. I am currently completing a memoir (to be finished by the end of 2017) and hope to begin work soon on two new books —Make America Beautiful Again and The Backpacking Theory of Life

John de Graaf’s body of work—his award-winning documentaries, countless blogs, articles, books, talks, and presentations, tireless activism for progressive causes, and engagement with institutions that have inspired thousands, including my students and me—has made an indelibly lasting difference.
— Charles Sylvester, Professor Emeritus Western Washington University
Now here is a good reason to go shopping! The wonderful book that made consumerism the issue it should be, Affluenza, is here in a third, fully updated edition. The story of the Joneses, of ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ fame, is itself worth the very modest price you will have to pay to enjoy this classic, now new and improved.
— James Gustave Speth, author of America the Possible and former director, Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies