John de Graaf is THE advocate for vacation time in America! His work on work-life balance and happiness are changing the conversation on these critical issues. Whether John is addressing travel industry leaders in Washington D.C. or my students at SUNY Brockport, his passion ignites a desire in others to become involved.
— Dr. Sarah Taylor Agate Assistant Professor, State University of NY at Brockport

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I am a frequent speaker, expert interview
subject and consultant on the following

  • Consumerism

  • Happiness Science

  • Shorter Work Time

  • Work Life Balance

  • Alternatives to GDP

  • Affluenza

  • Filmmaking

  • Why we need vacation time

  • Sustainability

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John has radical ideas without being preachy or strident, and his talks always make you laugh as well as think. He’s really smart but still a nice, nice person!
— Cecile Andrews, author of 4 books --Living Room Revolution, Less Is More, Slow Is Beautiful, Circle of Simplicity